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In 1996, Second Samoan adopted an affordable housing element to negotiate the issues of homeownership among immigrant communities as well as housing affordability in the community at large.  It continues to partner with lenders, HUD and other federal agencies to bring the reality of homeownership closer to the underserved ethnic communities as well as Samoans living in the U.S.


Second Samoan in 1997 started Le Manai, a grocer which includes in its offering island goods that are not easily available at local grocery stores.  Le Manai also offers entrepreneurial training to the community and it's committed to the well being of the immigrant communities in the U.S.  Similar to the housing element, Le Manai finds its voice in the rhythms of the immigrant community in diaspora.



Second Samoan also was instrumental in creating Tafesilafai to promote, enhance and preserve the culture that is specifically Samoan, under the rubric of Christian stewardship. 


In its annual festival Tafesilafai invites the entire Pacific Islander community to gather and build community through dances, songs, and food.


Like most Samoan churches, music plays an important part in the life of Second Samoan worship services.  The Second Samoan Choir recorded its first CD in the  Spring of 2002 titled Ala Tanu, dedicated to single mothers in the Samoan community.

In the Summer of 2002, in a partnership with local cable companies, Second Samoan started the Ia Outou Manuia television program, highlighting activities in the Samoan community as well as provide a platform for addressing issues pertinent to the Pacific Islander community.  All programs are in English as well as Samoan.


The Bread of Life ministry, also  as known as “Areto ole Ola”, participates in various harvest programs where food is gathered from various donors and distributed by the church to the community at large on a weekly basis.  It is an incarnational ministry to the poor and the less fortunate in the community.


The Youth Ministry welcomes all ages from toddlers to seniors.  The focus within this ministry is building relationships with one another while growing in Christian faith. 

It also provides space for young individuals to see other potential ministries, answering God’s call to utilize their given talents and skills to glorify God's name. 


In July 2002, the youth planned and successfully returned from their 2 week trip to American Samoa, Samoa, Savai’i, Aunu’u, and Hawaii.  It was definitely an experience they will never forget! 


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